Herbal Tea

Q. How many cups a day should I drink?

A. We recommend 1 in the morning and 1 at dinner for most teas apart from the Insomnia blend which should be drunk before bed.

Q. If I am on medications is it safe to drink herbal tea?

A.  Always consult your Dr or Health Professional before you start taking any new supplements, herbs or over the counter prescriptions if you are concerned about any contraindications regarding medications you are on.

Q. Do these teas have any side effects?

A. These teas are therapeutic yet gentle and do not have any side effects.  However we are all different so If you do experience headaches, nausea, tummy ache etc at any time you should stop taking any herbs or supplements and consult your health practitioner.

Q. Do you send to the US or UK?

A. Not at the moment. We are currently in discussions with a distributor so will keep you posted.

Q. How long will it take for delivery?

A. In Australia 3 business days, though mail is a bit slower due to COVID19.  

Q. How should I store my tea?

A.  Tea is best stored in the sealed pouch away from light and heat.  If stored this way tea can last for even longer than the best before date.  Always smell and inspect tea before consuming if it is past its best before date.

Q. Does it make any difference to the benefits if I drink these teas cold?

A.  If consumed within 24hrs and kept refrigerated the benefits of these teas are retained.  The beauty of cold tea is that it can be consumed instead of soft drink or other sugary beverages on hot days and you are actually doing yourself good.


Flower Essence

Q.  Do flower essences interact with medications?

A.  No, flower essences are energetics they do not affect medications., though they should be taken away from any medications to optimum benefits.

Q.  Are there any side effects of using flower essences?

A.  No, flower essences are similar to homeopathics. They are very gentle and do not have side effects.

Q.  How do I take flower essences?

A.  It is recommended 7 sprays under the tongue morning and night. If you intuitively feel the need to use more often you should. You cannot overdose on flower essences.

Q.  How do I store my flower essence?

A.  Keep stored away from light and heat.

Q.  Why are these flower essences in a spray bottle rather than a dropper?

A.  A spray bottle allows you to use with one hand, reduces the chance of spillage, and the risk of contamination.

Q.  How long should I take my flower essence?

A.  It is recommended you take for 2 weeks. If you feel you need to keep taking that is fine to do so.  The Emergency flower essence is to be taken when needed.