Anxiety and Menopause


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So why do so many women experience heightened anxiety during menopause? 

The fact is that your adrenals also contribute oestrogen to the hormone pool.
This extra burden on the adrenals can then see them become depleted, which can create an over-reaction that then causes sudden sensations of anxiety, fear, and nervousness.  A not too pleasant ripple effect.
For some women even making a minor decision can cause a surge of adrenaline, trigger a hot flush, leave you mentally and physically on edge, anxious and even cause palpitations.


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Practicing mindfulness can bring you back to the present to help the mind relax and release stress.  Meditation and yoga have long been tools to assist focusing on the present as well as helping with the control of your breathing.  These help the nervous system back into a parasympathetic state.  
Getting into nature is one of my favourite ways to reduce stress and anxiety.  Putting your bare feet into a stream, grass, soil or warm sand is so grounding.  It can help to bring you back into balance and soothe the soul.
There are natural remedies that can help to alleviate and support anxiety and even work at the root cause to reduce it once and for all.

Many herbs such as nervines, carminatives and adaptogens are great for reducing feelings of anxiety. 

There are also herbs that address adrenal fatigue/insufficiency or other hormonal imbalances that can lead to anxiety.
The herbal tea 'Anxiety' has been formulated to address many of these imbalances, strengthen your adrenals and thus increase your ability to handle stressors.


herbs adaptogens nervines relief herbal tea menopause
In the Flower Essence range specific flower essences have been combined to create the Essence 'Calm & Clarity'.  This essence addresses and reduces anxiety, phobias and any fears that may be driving it.   
Taking this specially formulated flower essence combined with the 'Anxiety' herbal tea can help support your nervous system and alleviate anxiety.

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